HYGIENE: Beyond the brush

Hygiene services are essential to maintaining your overall dental health. Our hygienists provide comprehensive periodontal therapy including scaling/root planing, oral hygiene instruction, as well as diet and smoking cessation counseling.


Fillings and tooth replacements rely on sound gums and bone. Our hygienists ensure that your gums and bones are healthy and strong. Our hygienists have advanced periodontal and implant maintenance training and will tailor a hygiene schedule that meets your individual needs.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I floss every day?

  • Do I brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and follow my dentist's/hygienist  instructions on how to brush properly?

  • Do I eat a well-balanced diet, including food from all food groups, and limit sweets and sticky foods?

  • Do I smoke?

  • Do I have a history of cavities or gum disease?

  • Is my overall health good?



Remember bleeding gums, bad breath, loose and aching teeth are all signs that you need hygiene services!